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There are Three main areas of Cosmetic Dentistry I will explain here.

Bonding-  A plastic repair.  Best suited for small repairs that are not in occlusion. (You don't bite directly on the restoration)

We have a hundred different shades to choose from so the color match is pretty good.   

The advantages of bonding.

Cost- least expensive

Quick- "My tooth chipped can you fix it today?"

Disadvantages of Bonding

Strength-  It's plastic, so best used for small repairs or like the photo above of the child with a fracture good choice if you know after college you will want to change to veneer.

Limited in amount of color you can change.  So, if your tooth is black or deeply stained we can make it better but not as good as a veneer.

The Advantages of Veneers

1) We can make the teeth pretty much any shape and color desired.

2) If you see a photo and think "I want my teeth to look like that!"  You probably want veneer.

3) Stronger than bonding and because they are "baked" in porcelain they NEVER turn colors.

Whitening / Bleaching

If the shape of the tooth or teeth is satisfactory and just the brightness of color is a problem you may be able to whiten the teeth to achieve the results you want. 

An explanation of bleaching.  Pretty much all the whitening products are the same chemical.  The difference comes in how big a concentration is in the product and the acidity of the product.

So, when you see "whitening floss" yeah, it has some of the same chemical the the professional product we dispense does----but in concentrations much lower. 

Internet whitening products use the same chemical --- but is it too acidic?  Will it harm the enamel?  I don't know so I would not use the Internet products.   BTW the way to get teeth real white / real fast is by putting the whitening chemical in an acidic solution.  The acids eat off the top level of enamel so it looks real white real fast.  But as many a lemon sucking Libertarian will tell you having acids on your teeth ain't good in the long run.

So, as in most dental offices we use a professional system that is tested and trusted.  Strong enough to work but weak enough not to harm the enamel

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