Your Initial Visit

What Can You Expect?

There are two things we want to accomplish on your first visit:

First we want to know what you want to get done on your first visit.  We believe your time is important (we know our time is!). So, to save time and reduce stress we simply ask, "What does the patient want?"   If you don't know what you want or what to say then we suggest a thorough examination.  We diagnose cavities, gum disease, TMJ problems, and check in and out of the mouth for cancers. (The cancer exam is important we have diagnoses more then 20 cancers during the initial examination.) If warranted we also check for Sleep Apnea.  At the initial exam we ask the patient if they want information on Implants, Invisalign braces, Veneers, or Whitening. 

Secondly, we use the first visit to build trust.  We use the "Ten Questions" to get to know the patient, their concerns, worries, and problems. Doctor ODonnell  developed this form over time with a cognitive scientist, and Springboard dental. Over forty offices nationwide use this form to quickly get to know their patients.  

Doctor ODonnell and Springboard Dental (a dental assistant training center in Oak Forest) have written many journal articles and a  book on dentistry meant for dentists.   After giving lectures at some of the largest dental seminars in the country the doctor now allows other dentists to use the forms he developed in his local dental office.

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The first visit is used to diagnose and treat the problems the patient is most concerned with at the visit.

We use to visit build trust and learn what the patient wants and values.

The "Ten Questions"

We ask these questions before treatment. Some people give long involved answers- some not so much!

Patient Name _____________________________Date __________________

Referral Source ______________________________  Acknowledgment Y  / N

What brings you to our office? 

 When was last cleaning? 2yrs 5yrs 10 yrs?



What have you been told about our office? Can you say it in three words?


Do you have any past negative dental experiences? We ask this so that you don’t have a repeated negative experience at our office. This is the question we have the most space for your answers.




What can we do to make this a positive experience for you?


On a scale of 1 - 10 , where 1 is terrible and 10 is perfect, How do you rate your own teeth?  


Give me list of what brings you down from a 10?  



If you could change anything about your teeth what would it be?


Are there any special limitations that might stop you from getting the problems listed above fixed?

 Any special problems with: (time)  (fear of pain) or (money)?

Primary dental motive  (how they look) (Fix what’s wrong) (I want to stay healthy)

dental office oak forest midlothian beautiful patients

dental office oak forest midlothian beautiful patients